Change in the Management Board of AS Bercman Technologies


The Supervisory Board of the Estonian technology company AS Bercman Technologies (hereinafter “Bercman“) confirmed the resignation of Jaan Hendrik Murumets from the company’s Management Board at his request as of 30.11.2022.  

As of 01.12.2022, Bercman’s Management Board will continue with one member Mart Suurkask, the current Chairman of the Board. 

Mart Suurkask, Chairman of the Board of Bercman:

“We are making some changes in the structure of Bercman. On the one handthis is important to optimise costs in the current economic situation. But, on the other hand, the restructuring is part of a longer process that started with the acquisition of Krakul. We are consolidating the development competencies of Bercman and Krakul under single management. Effective operation and synergy between the two companies’ technical teams was one of the goals for Jaan Hendrik when he was brought to Bercman as a member of the board and the company’s CTO. We are about to finalize this process, and Bercman’s development team is moving under Krakul’s leadership. Bercman’s development team will continue to work on the smart pedestrian crosswalk in Krakul, and together with Krakul’s developers will look more broadly to map and develop the need for smart city technology solutions. We believe that this even more joint approach towards markets, customers and partners will create good development prospects for all.” 

After six years, Murumets is also stepping down as CEO of Bercman’s subsidiary Krakul OÜ, but will continue as a member of the company’s Management Board. Kristjan Tozen will take over as CEO of Krakul on 01 December 2022. Tozen has been a member of Krakul’s Management Board for five years. As the company’s current Chief Technology Officer, he has led the company’s development teams and product development, making him a logical and very strong choice for the new CEO position. Krakul’s COO, Aare Aruniit, who joined Krakul at the end of the summer this year, is responsible for the day-to-day management and development processes. 

Kristjan Tozen, Member of the Board of Krakul: “Krakul has established a strong foothold in the development of the Internet of Things and autonomous systems solutions in Estonia and has also successfully moved into foreign markets. Together with the current Board, we have defined the goals we want to achieve, and to a large extent, I will continue to work towards the targets we have already set. Our current focus is on the markets in Central Europe, Scandinavia and the United States, and we are working with several partners to help us reach businesses there.” 

Bercman is a deep-tech company founded in 2016, that develops and sells road safety products and provides hardware and software development services. Bercman’s mission is to eliminate road fatalities and its vision is to become an internationally leading partner in the market for smart city solutions. The Bercman Group includes the development company of the Internet of Things and autonomous systems Krakul OÜ.

Additional information:
Mart Suurkask
Chairman of the Board of Bercman Technologies
Phone: +372 5340 2902
E-mail: mart.suurkask@bercman.com

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