Bercman Technologies AS consolidated and audited annual report of 2022


Bercman Technologies AS (hereinafter “Bercman”) submits the consolidated and audited financial reports for 2022 prepared by the Management Board.  

Compared to the unaudited interim report published on 03 March, there are differences in the financial results of the audited annual report. The changes are due to the revaluation of fixed assets during the audit. Also, the amount of the sales turnover has changed because of an adjustment to the revenue recognition period.

Bercman’s sales revenue of the 2022 was 1 735 991 euros (1 755 741 euros in unaudited interim report). For the comparable period in 2021, turnover was EUR 76 096. As of 2022, the consolidated sales results also include the turnover figures of the Bercman Group’s subsidiary Krakul OÜ.

The reporting period ended with a loss of 774 226 euros (the loss in interim report: EUR 746 323; the loss in 12 months of 2021: EUR 593 252). Loss is due to expenses made for the growth and development of the company, the further development of the company’s own products, and non-recurring expenses related to public offerings and admission to trading of shares.

As of 31.12.2022, the company’s consolidated audited balance sheet total was 1 659 545 euros (Interim report 31.12.2022: EUR 2 008 262; 31.12.2021: EUR 2 144 947). Current assets amounted to 571 255 euros (Interim report 31.12.2022: EUR 557 671; 31.12.2021: EUR 659 578). Fixed assets amounted to 1 088 290 euros (Interim report 31.12.2022: EUR 1 450 591; 31.12.2021: EUR 1 485 369). The company’s equity as of 31.12.2022 was 1 057 959 euros (Interim report 31.12.2022: 1 468 769; 31.12.2021: EUR 1 604 819). As of 31.12.2022, the company had 77 484 euros in loan liabilities (Interim report 31.12.2022: EUR 73 658; 31.12.2021: EUR 33 294).

Mart Suurkask, CEO of Bercman: “Last year ended with a record highest turnover for us, and we foresee an increase in turnover for this year and next, both in sales of our own products and in sales of development services. In the case of our own products, we are pleased to see that the years of working with local partners in foreign markets are starting to bear fruit and sales volumes are gradually increasing. We see growing the company’s competitiveness in the world market as an essential success factor for growth, and we have already taken concrete steps for this. We have diversified our in-house competencies and aim to improve the quality of our development services even more. I believe the next few years will be very exciting for the company’s development and activities strongly support our short and long-term goals.”    

The consolidated and audited annual report is made available on the Bercman Technologies AS website www.bercman.com. 

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