Urban Average Speed Measurement Solution with Safe Crosswalks

Smart Road

Bercman stands at the forefront of urban safety and smart infrastructure solutions, with a focus on developing innovative, also tailor-made systems to meet the unique needs of its clients. To increase road safety and efficiency, Bercman's portfolio includes a cutting-edge solution - a Smart Road that ensures pedestrian safety and efficiently measures vehicle speeds along a fixed street section.

A Step Towards Safer and Smarter Roads

The first smart road was implemented in town of Põlva, in southern Estonia. As part of the smart road, the Bercman’s proprietary Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk safety system, equipped with traffic data collection capabilities, was installed on 14 unregulated pedestrian crossings along Kesk and Jaama streets in the center of Põlva. This included partial equipping of the crosswalks with vehicle number recognition cameras for measuring average speed. Thus, a cost-effective, comprehensive solution for measuring average speed within the city was created.

Bird's-eye view from Smart Road

Discover the future of urban transit with the video, offering a bird's-eye view of Põlva's smart road. Witness the integration of cutting-edge technology across pedestrian crossings and traffic systems that redefine street safety and efficiency.

Watch the video here: Smart Road Drone Footage

Smart Road Equipment

  • Smart Pedestrian Crosswalks with radars, signalling LED-lights, backlit traffic sign panels and vehicle number recognition cameras
  • Average speed information points with variable message sign panels
  • Air quality measurement point
  • AI powered software solution
  • Bercman Management Console for GDPR-compliant data reports

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