Stay safe and informed in any situation !

All-in-one traffic sign with cameras & sensors

Cheaper than traffic lights

Communication to vehicles (V2X)

Preventing potential accidents

Sensor fusion = increased accuracy

API for data acquiring available

Encrypted WAN data transfer

Can be used for average speed measurements

The Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk (SPC) is a smart traffic sign, which can be used anywhere, where increased pedestrian safety and data input are required. SPC uses AI, V2X, sensor fusion and more than 30 different features to adapt to different traffic situations and weather conditions. The state-of-the-art device is useful in many different example situations, some of which are presented below.


Visual 360° live image feed

Temperature (int., ext., surface)

Air quality







360° detection




Speed measurement


Licence plate detection

Notification LED lights


AI collision avoidance system

Trajectory calculation

360° video recording 

Sensor data recording

Automated hazard report

Warning LED lights & sound alarm

Law breaking detection

V2X notifications

Average speed measurement

Up to 70% reduction in fatal and serious casualties. [A90Road]

Features in a nutshell

New product, fresh opportunities!

Towards Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility

We at Bercman share vision with European Union regarding the interoperable deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) towards cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM). We work closley with key enablers and members to make sure the benefit from digitasation of transport servers the greater good.

Benefits from Connectivity (V2V, V2I, V2P)

Impact from getting vehicles and infrastructure to communicate with each other cannot be underestimated. It might just be the very backbone in the quest of achieving fully automated traffic environment. Our products are in default supplied with infrastructure-to-vehicle communication hardware.

New Data, New Services

Data gathered by our smart signs can be used by governments, private and law enforcement entities. Examples include live weather reports, counting for statistical purposes, automatic licence plate recognition and automatic data reporting. Our software team is always open for new ideas and ready to be challenged!


Bercman Technologies is a company dedicated to developing Smart City, Smart Road and Mobility related innovative products and services for ITS and C-ITS applications. We support the advent of self-driving vehicles by developing necessary devices and solutions for vehicles to become connected with their surroundings. Bercman believes connected and autonomous vehicles will transform urban mobility for all demographic groups, especially for the young and the elderly. 

Mart Suurkask

Tarvo Metspalu

Hans Leis

Hans Leis

Marketing Manager

Mart Suurkask

Tarvo Metspalu

Hans Leis

Hans Leis

Marketing manager

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